The Team FVGC instructors are a group of dedicated and skilled individuals that can help you achieve your personal training goals, whether it be getting in shape, learning new skills, or participating in local, national, and international competitions.

Here’s a quick look at our coaching staff:

James Peterson(Co-owner and Head Instructor of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kids Program)
James is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Rickson Gracie black belts, Luiz Claudio and Thiago Veiga. He is a 2x Pan American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion. James has won multiple regional and national titles at some of the most prestigious Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and submission grappling tournaments in the county; including being a multiple time NAGA, Gracie National and Arnold's National Tournament champion.

James most recently won his 2nd silver medal in his division at the 2013 Masters Championships in Long Beach, CA. In 2013 James finished Ranked #1 in the World at Master 3 Brown Belt Featherweight level and #10 in the World in the Open Weight division. James is one of the most highly accomplished BJJ competitors in northeast Wisconsin and has been coaching BJJ for 13 years to people of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels. He is the only full-time, BJJ, black belt instructor for over 100 miles.

James is a mixed martial arts fighter with an overall record of 5-1 (2-1 professional).
James was also a State Tournament qualifying wrestler in high school and lettered in Wrestling at UW-Madison.

Alexandra Peterson (Co-Owner, Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu, Kids Program, Fight Fit)
Alexandra has over 20 years of experience in the martial arts. She is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt and has been training and competing in BJJ for over 10 years. She is a multiple time IBJJF Chicago International Champion and most recently brought home a bronze medal from the IBJJF Masters World Championships.

Alexandra also holds a 2nd degree black belt in freestyle karate and was the 2000 North American Sport Karate Association World and National Champion. Alexandra represented Team USA at the World Karate Association Championships in Hanover, Germany and Louisville, KY. She has won a host of major NASKA tournaments including the US Open, the Bluegrass Nationals, and the Diamond Nationals.

She has a considerable amount of coaching experience between instructing both kids and adult Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Fight Fit Boot Camp, and children’s freestyle karate and martial arts after school programs.Alexandra is also the founder of Rebel Girls BJJ, an all-women Brazilian jiu jitsu community.

Morrison Lamb (Mixed Martial Arts, Striking)
• NASM Certified Personal Trainer
• Athletic Trainer since 2008: Athletes (Amateur and Professional), general population and special population.
• Teaching MMA and Boxing for 2 yrs
• 8 yrs MMA experience
• 6 yrs as a professional fighter
• 17-14-1 Overall MMA record
• Working knowledge of: Boxing, Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, Muay Thai
• Northeast Wisconsin's only Certified Personal Trainer/MMA coach
• Specialize in corrective exercise and sports performance
• Functional training and post rehab

Curt Stratton (Judo/Wrestling)
Grappling for over 30 years
93 WISAA State Champ
94 WISAA State Champ
94 Badger State Champ
95 High School All-American (4th in the Nation)
93-95 Named to ESPN's “Who's Who In High School Sports”
97 NCAA Division 3 All-American
97 Freestyle Champ
98 NCAA Division 2 All-American

96 WI State Champ
96 AAU National Champ
96 USJA Runner Up
96 Ladder Tournament Bronze Medalist
97 AAU National Champ
97 US Judo Association Bronze Medalist
97 Ladder Tournament Silver Medalist
99-02 US International Judo Team
2000 Judo All-American
2002 Judo All-American

97 FIAS US National Champ
97 FIAS US World Sambo Team
98 FIAS US National Champ
98 FIAS US World Sambo Team
2001 FIAS US National Champion

Bob Howden
(Muay Thai)

Bob is a Black Belt in Muay Thai under renowned competitor and coach, Duke Roufus. Bob trained with Duke for more than a decade.

Bob is also a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Rickson Gracie Black Belts, Luiz Claudio and Thiago Veiga of the LCCT Combat Team and an IBJJF Chicago Open Champion.

Matt Brown
(Muay Thai)

Matt currently holds two professional championship MMA belts in two different organizations and has a record of 10-5. He has notable wins over top-level fighters such as Floyd Hodges and WEC fighter John Hosman.

Matt has been training MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Team FVGC for 8 years and competing almost as long. He is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple belt under Rickson Gracie Black Belts, Luiz Claudio and Thiago Veiga of the LCCT Combat Team.