Why Should I Attend a BJJ Seminar?


At least three times per year, Team FVGC hosts a seminar with Luiz Claudio and Thiago Veiga,  the head instructors of our affiliation, the Luiz Claudio Combat Team (LCCT). The seminars are usually three to four hours long and are formatted like an extended jiu-jitsu class.

Some people hesitate to attend seminars for a number of reasons, including the one-time cost, the time commitment, or being intimidated. But, if you are serious about improving your jiu-jitsu game, seminars are a great investment. Here are a few reasons why:


  1. New Horizons: Even if the head instructor of your school is very skilled and knowledgeable, seminars are a time that guest instructors bring out special techniques or “extra details” that may not be covered in regular classes. The same way you can in private lessons with your head instructor, you can use seminar techniques to open up and expand your game and expose you to positions or philosophy you haven’t encountered before.
  2. Role Models: One of the best ways to elevate your game is to have a role model, someone that moves and performs well. Many seminars include a decent amount of demonstration time as well as explanation of theory and movement. Different jiu-jitsu players move different ways; sometimes it takes a while to find a style that you feel most comfortable imitating. The more high level people you train with, the more styles you have available to emulate.
  3. Face Time: Especially if the seminar is with the head of your school’s BJJ affiliation, attending seminars can show your dedication to the sport and the association and let the affiliation know who you are! Once they know your face, it is easy to contact them, ask questions, and visit them at their home schools if you have the time!


We hope to see you July 21st at 10am for the next LCCT seminar here at FVGC! Keep the hard train!


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