Cross Training for BJJ

What should I be doing when I am not in jiu-jitsu class?

When you are looking to be in great shape, one of the most important things is to get a variety of different workouts that work different muscle groups and functions. Jiu-jitsu is great in that it has the potential to work muscle endurance, explosive muscle movement, flexibility and cardio. However, sometimes it is good to pick up the intensity in some of those categories…Here are some of my favorite cross-training activities for BJJ:

Cardio: Swimming

Some people prefer to run or use the exercise bike, but because my knees are not in the greatest shape, swimming is my favorite way to boost my cardio fast. It is easy on the joints and not too taxing on your muscles on your “off days”. I swim for 25-35 minutes at a time, doing a mix of swimming laps, using the kickboard, running front and back…and just moving, moving, moving to work your heart and lungs!

Flexibility and Static Strength: Yoga

Yoga is a great activity for BJJ for a few reasons. Yoga is great for increasing flexibility (think: great guard work and flow) and your static strength for holding positions. Yoga is also great for learning to control your breath! If you can’t make it to a yoga class and still want to increase your flexibility, spend 15-20 minutes after BJJ class doing static stretching and breathing…Make sure that you are already warm! Never stretch cold!

Muscle Endurance/Explosive Movement:

For this, use a combination of body weight exercises and resistance training (using weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, etc)…Just come to Team Conditioning at Team FVGC ;) But, generally we pick 6 exercises that work different muscle groups to get a full body workout. For muscle endurance use low weight and high reps. For more explosive movement, do less reps but make sure you either have resistance or are exploding through the movement (e.g. for each burpie you do, jump as high as you can, rather than doing more burpies with small jumps). I personally don’t use a lot of traditional weight lifting. My “heavy lifting” ends up being rolling guys bigger than I am. For cross-training, I focus on controlled, functional movement.

Happy training!

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