Just how big is 135 lbs.?

No matter how big or small the tournament, I think it must be human nature to be constantly sizing up your competition.

The second I walk into a tournament, I instantly become some kind of secret agent, sitting in my spot ever-so-non-nonchalantly, looking at every woman within 100 yards to see if she is in my weight class. The thing about me is that, in addition to being blessed with poor depth perception, I am terrible at guessing what people weigh (I guess I’ll never get that job at the county fair). Yet, I continue to obsess (nonchalantly) over how truly dense a muffin top or good bicep is. She may be as tall as I am, but the density is the real issue.

It only gets worse…What belt is she? What body type is she? Would she pull guard or try to hip throw me? And on, and on, and on.

It turns out (as most of us know in our guts) that you should not worry about guessing how many girls you see that may or may not be in your bracket and just focus on whipping ass. This weekend at Combat Corner Vol 8. in Milwaukee, it didn’t matter what the other girls weighed or what body type they had; I played my game for all three matches and brought home some gold. Close to fight time, the focus needs to turn to your game plan and warming up, keeping the nerves under control and not caring who is on the mat with you. The confidence has to be there (or fake it until you make it); and the confidence will be there if you train and prepare the right way.

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